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From ivanmarcus <>
Subject Re: Lost Password
Date Tue, 18 Sep 2018 20:14:09 GMT
There has been some good direction you've got from the list.

I can't add much to that but you've not said what distribution you're 
running, nor if you've figured out the authentication mechanism etc, 
although it would seem it's likely to be using MySQL?

If this were me, assuming you've got root access to the server, and 
before going too far I'd have a look at the command history to see if 
there is any password detail there; you would also get an idea of what's 
been done to the server recently. Usually the command history is 
obtainable when logged into the cli as root simply by hitting the 'up 
arrow' key, or in some distributions via "less /root/.bash_history". If 
you're not logged in as root the command would be "sudo less 
/root/.bash_history" for the root history (it will ask for your 
password), or simply "less .bash_history" if it's the logged in user's 
history you want to check out.

If you were to look through that for a MySQL command such as 'mysql -u 
root -p xxxxx' you may discover a useful password to try, there may be 
other hints in the history list.

I expect you've also done the obvious by trying the machine that the 
previous admin normally used to access the server, to see if there were 
any saved passwords etc. Most of us won't allow that but you never know.

Apologies if this is already stuff you've done, however I thought it 
could be useful to mention if you've not had a lot to do with Linux.

On 19/09/2018 1:17 a.m., Kaos wrote:
> Thanks for the response!
> Could you point me in the direction of the schema file?
> My comment re: Linux was moreso to show my weakness, anything in Linux takes
> me ages because I am figuring it out as I go for the most part.
> Thanks again!
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