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From Reinert Korsnes <>
Subject Re: Want to use guacamole to run only one application (under linux)
Date Thu, 27 Sep 2018 10:31:11 GMT
Thanks for hint.

Guacemole seems to function wonderful for my application - so I feel I 
am close to a solution :-) However, I am newbie wrt VNC/XRDP and asking 
experienced people tend to save time. Anybody having a recommendation 
where I can ask for something like "RemoteApp" for linux? The intention 
is to provide access to only one (my) application to anybody with an 
internet browser. Two clicks away .. :-)


On 9/27/18 10:12 AM, Mike Jumper wrote:
> You are correct that this isn't so much a Guacamole question as it is 
> a remote desktop configuration question.
> If you wish to expose only one application running on Linux, you'll 
> need to look into using VNC or XRDP, and configuring your VNC/RDP 
> server to run only that application. Keeping in mind that a typical 
> VNC server is really just an X server that runs a single application 
> anyway (where that single application happens to be a desktop 
> environment), this should prove straightforward.
> As far as Guacamole is concerned, this configuration is opaque. The 
> only exception to this would be Windows RDP's "RemoteApp", but that 
> does not apply here.
> - Mike
> On Thu, Sep 27, 2018, 00:46 Reinert Korsnes < 
> <>> wrote:
>     Hi,
>     This question is not directly about guacamole, but I would like to
>     use
>     guacamole to provide worldwide online access to only one (computer)
>     application program (which I so far only made myself). Under linux
>     (preferably debian). This means I want to avoid the complete "desktop
>     environment").
>     I assume many here have this issue - and could I get some hint
>     where to
>     start to make such restrictions as indicated above? Is guacemole
>     relevant? Alternatives?
>     reinert

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