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From VolandSZ <>
Subject Re: VNC connection problem
Date Wed, 26 Sep 2018 00:19:17 GMT
I am still struggling on how to run guacd in debug mode (step by step manual
on how to add -L debug) smiley image="anim_handshake.gif"/> 

BUT it seems that i have found the cause of my problem and i tend to think
that it could be bug that needs to be fixed.
Long story short. I am from russia and the PC i was trying to connect via
VNC protocol had cyrilic letters in its name (Windows default settings
suggest such naming scheme SOMETHING-ПК (PC in russian letters)) and that
was what caused connection problems. When i removed cyrilic from PC name,
everything works fine.
But since it is Microsoft default naming scheme and i suspect it is
implemented in other countries....

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