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From m99 <>
Subject Re: Guacamole - Forcing full remote frame buffer update all the time instead of incremental
Date Tue, 25 Sep 2018 14:31:05 GMT
"What do you mean by this? Inspect/process it how? For what purpose?"
"How does this relate to your need for full-frame updates?"

Our requirement is to ensure all screen images sent to the end user in the
Web browser have undergone a jpeg lossy compression (regardless of
performance).  This can be achieved by changing Guacamole to force jpeg
encoding, thus to ensuring the jpeg lossy compression.

Our patch to Guacamole 0.14 adds a new configuration option for the build
(--enable-force-jpeg=yes; default is no).  This patch adds an ifdef to the
surface.c file to force jpeg encoding all the time if enabled during
configure with this new option.

Our original thought was first to perform a jpeg lossy compression on the
actual frame buffer first (which we believed required a full frame buffer
update all the time) then forwarding on to Guacamole, however this turned
out to be a much larger effort than originally anticipated.

We want to submit this patch to the Guacamole community for consideration to
improve the security posture.  We understand this change is tailored for a
very specific use case, but as an optional configuration option, the impact
of the change is very minimal.

Is this patch something the Guacamole community would be interested in?   
I've found the following link outlining the steps to submit a change to the
guacamole project, is this the process I 
should follow to submit the patch for consideration?

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