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From Rajesh Mohan <>
Subject How to authenticate the guacamole Webapp using duo authentication
Date Tue, 21 Aug 2018 21:17:07 GMT
Hi Team,

I am facing an issue were the guacamole MFA authentication were not working via the guacamole
duo .

My Requirement is to enable 2-way authentication to take the sessions in the apache guacamole
.  Using AD Account and post that Duo Verification must be done .

But with the below mentioned guacamole properties entries the login was successful till AD
Authentication but the Duo was not able to pursue .

Can you please help us what needs to be changed/modified for the proper authentication.

Cat /etc/guacamole/
guacd-hostname: localhost
guacd-port:    4822

lib-directory:    /etc/guacamole/extensions/

# LDAP properties
ldap-hostname:           LDAP-HOSTNAME
ldap-port:               389
ldap-encryption-method:  none
ldap-user-base-dn:      dc=*******,dc=com
ldap-search-bind-dn:    CN=*******,OU=SPL,OU=Users,OU=DCM,DC=********,DC=com
ldap-search-bind-password:      ********
ldap-username-attribute: uid

# Guacamole-duo Configuration Properties

duo-api-hostname: ***********************
duo-integration-key: ***********************
duo-secret-key: ***********************
duo-application-key: ***********************
pushinfo:       yes
autopush:       yes

NOTE:                   Along with this I have attached the servlet container logs when I
am authenticating via the guacamole web application . Attached the screen shot for the same.

Rajesh M

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