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Subject Re: Guacamole view connection URLs
Date Thu, 23 Aug 2018 10:12:58 GMT
Thank you , but it shows « permution denied » i can’t get the key

Le jeu. 23 août 2018 à 5:36 AM, Mike Jumper <> a
écrit :

> On Mon, Aug 20, 2018 at 8:05 AM, YOSRA SAADALLAH <>
> wrote:
>> Yes, but the requests that i did ,didn’t work for me. ( No such tunnel..)
>> are there other requests to do that?
> If you are receiving "No such tunnel" when attempting to generate sharing
> credentials via
> "api/session/tunnels/UUID/activeConnection/sharingCredentials/", it is
> probably because the session you are using is not the same as the session
> associated with the connection you wish to share. Everything under
> "api/session/tunnels/" is related only to the tunnels within the current
> session, so unless you actually have a tunnel with that UUID in your
> current session, you will get "No such tunnel" regardless of whether
> someone else does have such a connection running.
> Assuming the above is true, you might have more success accessing things
> via:
> "api/session/data/IDENTIFIER/activeConnections/UUID/sharingCredentials/SHARINGPROFILE"
> where "IDENTIFIER" is the identifier of the authentication provider
> serving as the data source (you will examples of this in other requests),
> "UUID" is the UUID of the active connection you wish to share, and
> "SHARINGPROFILE" is a sharing profile associated with that connection.
> I believe the above will work so long as the current user has permission
> to both see that active connection and use the specified sharing profile.
> The "api/session/tunnels/UUID/activeConnection/" and
> "api/session/data/IDENTIFIER/activeConnections/UUID/" paths are equivalent
> ways of reaching the same active connection resource.
> - Mike

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