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From Nick Couchman <>
Subject Re: Unable to get RDP working, after installing freerdp and binary packages
Date Fri, 10 Aug 2018 15:01:32 GMT
On Fri, Aug 10, 2018 at 10:48 AM doyouhas <> wrote:

> Hello party people......I am really about to tear my eyes out dealing with
> this issue.....
Part animals, that's us.

> I am working on deploying a guacamole setup to my AWS account, however,
> after leaving instances running accidentally on a few occasions, I figure
> it
> would be better to get the configuration down on a local network before
> deploying on the cloud.....
> So.....
> I have two Xubuntu 18.03 VMs running in virtual box. One of them has xrdp
> installed and the other guacamole server installed. During the build
> process
> for guacamole server, I installed most of the optional dependencies,
> including libfreerdp-dev and binary packages. When I ran the .configure
> script, it informed me all protocols were enabled except telnet. After
> deploying the war file to tomcat, however, guacamole kicks back a message
> stating the connection has timed out. Now here is the super annoying
> part.....I know this is not an issue with rdp because I installed remmina
> (multi protocol remote desktop tool, for any unfamiliar with ubuntu
> packages) and was able to initiate an rdp connection from the guacamole
> machine with zero issue. Same thing when I connect from my host machine to
> the xrdp host, zero issue. I set the basic parameters in the
> user-mapping.xml file: hostname, port, username, password. I wont be back
> to
> my main machine for a few hours so I cannot post log details at the moment.
> I can provide those shortly.
What version of FreeRDP (libfreerdp-dev) is being installed?  That version
of Ubuntu is new enough that I'm going to guess it might be a 2.0.0 release
of some sort, but if you can check on that, that may take us in the right

Also, you can try starting guacd manually, in the foreground, with debug
enabled, and see if you get any more useful errors:
/path/to/guacd -L debug -f


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