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From Nick Couchman <>
Subject Re: Connect window Server 2012 failure
Date Wed, 08 Aug 2018 10:55:17 GMT
On Tue, Aug 7, 2018 at 10:56 PM <>

> [environment]:
>     guacmole in Centos7(only use guacd),
>     application server is windows server 2012
I already have a question, here.  You say you're only using guacd, but what
are you using it for?  In order for guacd to be of any use you have to have
*something* that speaks the Guacamole protocol that interfaces with guacd.
This could be the Guacamole Client, or it could be your own, custom-built
application, but there has to be something else there.

> [version]:
>     guacamole-server 9.14
>     xfreerdp 2.0.0

This is already going to be problematic, because guacd/guacamole-server
will not compile against FreeRDP 2.0.0.  So, you either have some other
version of libraries/devel package installed, or you've already done some
work on the guacd source code to get it to compile.  If you've modified the
source code to get it to compile, *please* share this with the community -
this is pretty high up on our list of things to do after we get the 1.0.0
release out. :-)

> [description]:
>    1.My team only use guacd of  Guacamole ,connect guacd and get data
>    2. The parameter forms are all based on the guacmole document
> [success test] :
>  1.When use guacd connect window server 2012 only desktop and not open a
> exe or a file , connection have benn success!!
>  2. In X window of Centos7 :
>         xfreerdp /v: /p:3389 / /u:test /p:123456
> /app:C:\\Windows\\System32\\notepad.exe      [Success To Connect]
> ps: When '/app' parameters use 'C://Windows//System32//notepad.exe'
>  connection is unsuccess! only change  '/' and '\'
> [failure test]
>   1. use guacd connect window server 2012 app or file use :
> "port":"3389","protocol":"rdp","remote-app":"notepad.exe","remote-app-dir":"C:\\Windows\\System32","hostname":"","domain":"

The "remote-app" parameter is special in RDP.  Please have a look at the
RDP section of the Guacamole Manual - scroll down to the Remote App section:

This talks a little about getting RemoteApp to work properly.  I suspect
that the "remote-app" parameter you're using here is different from the
/app parameter in your xfreerdp command, above - that one may be more like
the "initial-program" parameter from Guacamole.  The argument for
"remote-app" should be in the format "||<App Name>" where <App Name> is a
pre-defined application name that you have to configure on the server.  I
believe the Windows Server platforms have tools to manage this for
application delivery, and someone has written a tool for enabling this on
workstation versions of Windows (Windows 7/8/10 Enterprise, IIRC).

> [my doubt]
>     1.When i send  "remote-app":"notepad.exe","remote-app-dir":"C:\\Windows\\System32"
> parameters to guacd ,.What is the format of the commands actually
> executed on Centos ?

This isn't necessarily a valid question - guacd does not generate a command
to make this connection.  It makes use of the FreeRDP API and feeds the RDP
parameters into that API to make the connection.  The following line in the
guacamole-server code is the beginning of where Guacamole RDP settings get
translated into the FreeRDP API settings:

This is the closest you'll come to any "command" that guacd runs in order
to make the RDP connection - you'll never see guacd execute xfreerdp.  In
fact, xfreerdp is actually just doing exactly the same thing guacd is
doing, here, and sending the parameters you feed it over to the API to make
the connection (that's way over-simplified, but roughly accurate).

>     2.The community has been looking for a long time,if other people have
> the same question with window server 2012 , please give me a link . Thanks.

Not sure what you mean by this - what community has been looking, and what
have they been looking for?  Do you have examples of past conversations on
mailing lists or forums that demonstrate what you mean?

>    3.If I need to change the guacamole source code, please tell me where
> to change it.

I suggest you start with looking "initial-program" vs. "remote-app" and
figure out which one you actually want to use and how to use it properly.



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