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From "Poteat, William D." <>
Subject CAS Authentication problem
Date Wed, 29 Aug 2018 13:01:16 GMT
I have a CAS Authentication problem.

Using the default guacadmin user name and password
I can navigate through our cas-authorization-endpoint, where the user (guacadmin) logs onto
our CAS server, then to the cas-redirect-uri (the guacamole app
So that part is working.

However, the user name guacadmin is shown in the upper right of the guacamole home page but
the associated connections are not shown and all of the guacadmin capabilities such as creating
connection, adding a user are missing.

My gut tells me that somehow a the password or something that allows guacamole to pull the
guacadmin user data from the database is missing.

Also, the guacadmin user cannot logout.
the brief message   "Please wait redirecting to CAS authentication"
is displayed before returning to the Guacamole / guacadmin home page.

I must close the browser window to very ungracefully exit Guacamole.

I hope this is the proper way to submit a Question.  Please point me to any previous message
threads on this subject.

Bill Poteat
Principal Software Engineer
Advanced Air Traffic Management
perspecta, Inc.
(703) 983-5822<>

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