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From ivanmarcus <>
Subject Re: Slow connection to hyper-v guest via Preconntion PDU (Enhanced Session Available?
Date Wed, 08 Aug 2018 01:31:00 GMT

I've no experience with using a Pi with Guacamole but a Pi 2 isn't the 
fastest thing around...

A couple of things come to mind as part of the fault finding process:

(1) You might want to check that you have no performance-limiting 
options set in the individual connections.

(2) You could try a connection to one of your guests directly from the 
Pi itself and see how well that works?


On 8/08/2018 1:31 a.m., S-dn-Y wrote:
> Hi all,
> So I just started using Guacamole. I like it a lot, specially since it can
> be used to directly connect to my Hyper-V guests, without using the Hyper-V
> manager console.
> I'm looking to start using Guacamole as a gateway for my Hyper-V environment
> at home and possible dynamically filling the configuration files with new
> machines that I've added.
> It's all working, connection to my hosts (non domain-joined) is really quick
> and steady, I do like it a lot!
> The last individual thing I cannnot get to work fluent is the speed to my VM
> directly.
> It connects, starts the console but the connection is just to slow to work
> with.
> The screen refreshes in strokes, loading it bit by bit.
> When I click an item though, it looks to be reacting quickly but the screen
> doesn't refresh fast enough (so it seems).
> I've tried to connect via rdcman 2.7, using (sort of) the same way with the
> Preconnection PDU and it reacts like it should, faster.
> A little extra info:
> Guacamole 0.9.14 installed on a PI 2.
> Servlet Container: Tomcat8
> Hyper-V host uses all SSD storage on an i7.
> Hyper-V on Server 2016, fully patched.
> So my questions:
> - How can I troubleshoot these kind of things? The logs (syslog and tomcat
> logs) don't show any strange things and the connection is working, it's only
> slow..
> - Is there a way to let Guacamole to use Enhanced Session as the Hypervisor
> itself is able to do?
> Any help would be much appreciated.
> Best regards,
> Sidney
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