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From "" <>
Subject Connect window Server 2012 failure
Date Wed, 08 Aug 2018 02:55:50 GMT
    guacmole in Centos7(only use guacd),
    application server is windows server 2012 

    guacamole-server 9.14
    xfreerdp 2.0.0
   1.My team only use guacd of  Guacamole ,connect guacd and get data
   2. The parameter forms are all based on the guacmole document

[success test] :
 1.When use guacd connect window server 2012 only desktop and not open a exe or a file , connection
have benn success!!
 2. In X window of Centos7 :
        xfreerdp /v: /p:3389 / /u:test /p:123456 /app:C:\\Windows\\System32\\notepad.exe
     [Success To Connect]

ps: When '/app' parameters use 'C://Windows//System32//notepad.exe'  connection is unsuccess!
only change  '/' and '\'

[failure test]
  1. use guacd connect window server 2012 app or file use :
[my doubt]
    1.When i send  "remote-app":"notepad.exe","remote-app-dir":"C:\\Windows\\System32" parameters
to guacd ,.What is the format of the commands actually executed on Centos ? 

    2.The community has been looking for a long time,if other people have the same question
with window server 2012 , please give me a link . Thanks.

   3.If I need to change the guacamole source code, please tell me where to change it.

  1. I not good at English : ) 
  2.If you're through, thank you very much
  3.please give me a direction. Thanks again<娄明涛>
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