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From S-dn-Y <>
Subject Slow connection to hyper-v guest via Preconntion PDU (Enhanced Session Available?
Date Tue, 07 Aug 2018 13:31:53 GMT
Hi all,

So I just started using Guacamole. I like it a lot, specially since it can
be used to directly connect to my Hyper-V guests, without using the Hyper-V
manager console.
I'm looking to start using Guacamole as a gateway for my Hyper-V environment
at home and possible dynamically filling the configuration files with new
machines that I've added.

It's all working, connection to my hosts (non domain-joined) is really quick
and steady, I do like it a lot!
The last individual thing I cannnot get to work fluent is the speed to my VM
It connects, starts the console but the connection is just to slow to work
The screen refreshes in strokes, loading it bit by bit.
When I click an item though, it looks to be reacting quickly but the screen
doesn't refresh fast enough (so it seems).

I've tried to connect via rdcman 2.7, using (sort of) the same way with the
Preconnection PDU and it reacts like it should, faster.

A little extra info:
Guacamole 0.9.14 installed on a PI 2.
Servlet Container: Tomcat8
Hyper-V host uses all SSD storage on an i7.
Hyper-V on Server 2016, fully patched.

So my questions:
- How can I troubleshoot these kind of things? The logs (syslog and tomcat
logs) don't show any strange things and the connection is working, it's only
- Is there a way to let Guacamole to use Enhanced Session as the Hypervisor
itself is able to do?

Any help would be much appreciated.

Best regards,

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