in fact this was because of kaspersky
I disabled it and all is OK.

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in pulse project we use guacamole. It now works most of the time.
A user just told me that in his network he has 4 seconds of lag when using rdp under guacamole.

I'd suggest going through some standard debugging steps:
- Does it happen to all users of the Guacamole install, or just this single user?  If it's only happening to one user, and other users are fine, then it probably isn't an issue with Guacamole, the server, etc.
- If a single user, where is that user connecting from?  What are the characteristics of the network link?
- Does it happen to connections to a specific server or servers on a specific network?
- Are guacamole-client and guacamole-server (guacd) running on the same system or different systems?  If different, is the network link between them over-loaded or very high latency?
- Is the server running Guacamole, either the client, guacd, or both, running under heavy load or experiencing any issues that would cause delays in processing the traffic?

Examine the various characteristics of the systems and connections and try to figure out where the commonality is in the users or systems exhibiting the problem, and work from there.  There are many people using Guacamole without issue, so I doubt the problem is with Guacamole itself (at least, the software portion), so try to figure out where it is an work to resolve whatever resource problem is causing it.



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