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From Nick Couchman <>
Subject Re: Guacamole get the key of the share link connection
Date Mon, 30 Jul 2018 20:21:01 GMT
Sorry, going back to your original e-mail, here, and trying to clear up a
few things.  See responses below...

On Thu, Jul 26, 2018 at 9:15 AM YOSRA SAADALLAH <>

> I'm working with guacamole 0.9.14 , i want to get the share link of the
> connection. So i 'm using http.get and to get the key .
> At first , i got the token from
> dns/guacamole/api/tokens
So, this is essentially the login - if you log into the Guacamole Client,
it posts to this endpoint and you get the token.

> After that , i got the id connection and uuid session from
> dns/guacamole/api/session/data/mysql/activeConnections?token=????
I'm not sure what you mean, here, by getting the UUID session from this
endpoint?  You're establishing a connection, right, or polling existing
active connections?

> Now i want to get the key from :
> dns/guacamole/api/session/tunnels/uuidconnection/activeConnection/sharingCredentials/idsession?token=???
> But i have this result :
> {
>     "message": "No such tunnel.",
>     "translatableMessage": {
>         "key": "No such tunnel.",
>         "variables": null
>     },
>     "statusCode": null,
>     "expected": null,
>     "type": "NOT_FOUND"}
> It seems that the token has changed when i did the http.get to get the id
> session and uuid connection.

You say "the token has changed" - that is not accurate, and that's not what
this error message says - it says that the tunnel does not exist.  The most
likely cause of this is that the tunnel does not exist - that the connect
you were trying to get a sharing key for has closed.  After you got this
error message did you re-poll the ActiveConnections URL above to see that
the connection is still active and the UUID hasn't changed (connection
dropped and was re-established)?  When you're trying to get the SharingKey
for an active connection, is it an active connection that you have open, or
one that another user on the system has open?  If you, are you maintaining
this connection while you query the REST API - e.g., in a separate window?
If it's for another user, are you certain that they have not stopped or
restarted the connection.


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