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From "McRoy, Jeffrey (GE Healthcare)" <>
Subject Guacamole load testing
Date Wed, 25 Jul 2018 17:42:44 GMT
Hi Everyone,


I was using the simple Guacamole example client to attempt some load testing and got the following
results. I was wondering if anyone else has tried similar load testing with similar results.


I was able to open 32 simultaneous connections in Chrome, but when I tried to open more, I
received the connection error below. When I closed one of the 32 open connections, I was able
to open a new connection in Chrome, but I was always capped at 32. When I launched a new instance
of Chrome, I was still unable to connect while I had the original 32 connections open. I was
able to launch a new instance of Firefox, and open an additional 40 connections in Firefox
while keeping the 32 Chrome connections open. Once I got to 40 connections in Firefox, my
system slowed down significantly and I had to close Firefox. I’m fairly sure Chrome will
allow up to 255 web socket connections, so not sure what the limit is I’m hitting.







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