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From "Stefan M. Radman" <>
Subject Re: xterm crashes gnome-shell
Date Sat, 07 Jul 2018 22:55:56 GMT
Hi Nick

First, gnome-shell crashes (you notice by the desktop going black and the window decorations
disappearing) but ultimately the whole xrdp/Xvnc session dies (Guacamole asks me if I want
to logout or reconnect).
Sometimes it takes a little bit longer and I can still interact with window contents while
the window manager is long gone but in the end it just dies on me.

There are lots of [abrt] emails and they contain stack traces.
See the last one further below. The previous ones look pretty much the same.

I've never run xrdp/Xvnc or gnome-shell under gdb or strace but if you have a hint for me
on how to do this I'll give it a try.


# cat /var/spool/mail/root | fgrep -A1 function_name | cut -d: -f3- | while read func; do
read file; read stuff; echo $file $func; done | tail -24
"/usr/lib64/" "raise"
"/usr/bin/gnome-shell" "dump_gjs_stack_on_signal_handler"
"/usr/lib64/" "raise"
"/usr/lib64/" "abort"
"/usr/lib64/" "g_assertion_message"
"/usr/lib64/" "g_assertion_message_expr"
"/usr/lib64/" "surface_from_pixmap.isra.0"
"/usr/lib64/" "try_pixmap_and_mask"
"/usr/lib64/" "meta_read_icons"
"/usr/lib64/" "meta_window_x11_update_icon"
"/usr/lib64/" "meta_window_update_icon_now"
"/usr/lib64/" "_meta_window_shared_new"
"/usr/lib64/" "meta_window_x11_new"
"/usr/lib64/" "handle_other_xevent"
"/usr/lib64/" "xevent_filter"
"/usr/lib64/" "gdk_event_apply_filters"
"/usr/lib64/" "_gdk_x11_display_queue_events"
"/usr/lib64/" "gdk_display_get_event"
"/usr/lib64/" "gdk_event_source_dispatch"
"/usr/lib64/" "g_main_context_dispatch"
"/usr/lib64/" "g_main_context_iterate.isra.22"
"/usr/lib64/" "g_main_loop_run"
"/usr/lib64/" "meta_run"
"/usr/bin/gnome-shell" "main"

On Jul 7, 2018, at 7:27 PM, Nick Couchman <<>>

On Sat, Jul 7, 2018 at 2:41 AM Stefan M. Radman <<>>

I'm running Guacamole on CentOS 7.5 with xrdp.

Recently I discovered that gnome-shell crashes from SIGABRT when I start xterm on a GNOME
desktop running in an xrdp Xvnc session.

"[abrt] gnome-shell: gnome-shell killed by SIGABRT"

It only happens when I connect to an Xvnc session with Guacamole.

No issues when initiating xrdp Xvnc or Xorg sessions from a Windows, Mac or Linux client (vinagre).
No issues with xrdp Xorg sessions (with any RDP client including Guacamole).

Just the Guacamole client seems to give me a headache in combination with xrdp/Xvnc.

Has anyone else been experiencing the same or a similar issue?
Any clues?

This is definitely an interesting little corner case you've run into.  When this happens,
is it just gnome-shell that crashes, or does the entire session (Guacamole connection, Xvnc/XRDP,
et al)?  Any chance you can start up gdb or strace on/with that gnome-shell instance and catch
the output of what's causing it to crash?


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