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From M D Barber <>
Subject Proxy'ing guacamole
Date Wed, 04 Jul 2018 08:02:10 GMT
I have read in the guacamole docs about tomcat not being able to freely 
de/elevate it's privileges as and when required
with regards to set tcp port and hence the need to consider using a 
proxy such as apache or nginx, for me this has
raised a couple of questions, that I can't find or am blind to :)
1. if this is a major issue and tomcat is considered a security risk 
because of it, is it maybe justification to consider use of a different 
2. If simply not running anything on standard ports and forcing users to 
enter the fqdn+port number at say, 5000 is this an issue for guacamole or
has anyone come across any issues with tomcat?


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