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From m99 <>
Subject Re: Guacamole - Forcing full remote frame buffer update all the time instead of incremental
Date Tue, 24 Jul 2018 14:06:15 GMT
Thanks!  We wanted the ability to inspect/process the image from the frame
buffer before it reached guacamole and enforce a lossy compression on the
image before reaching guacamole.  However if full frame buffer updates
aren't possible, would it instead be possible to have guacamole always force
jpeg lossy compression on all frame buffer images/updates?

I was looking at the guacamole code and it appears changing
/src/common/surface.c in the __guac_common_surface_flush method to always
call _guac_common_surface_flush_to_jpeg might do what we wanted to always
guaranteed jpeg encoding.   I couldn't find any configuration settings in
guacamole to enforce jpeg encoding all the time, so this would have to be a
code change to guacamole?

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