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From fabianus <>
Subject Simultaneous use of a host / how avoid nat/firewall config
Date Mon, 09 Jul 2018 14:44:37 GMT
Hello everybody, 

I am a newbie to guacamole and I am so excited about it!

Now I have two questions coming from my use of TeamViewer: 

1) When connecting with rdp to a windows host the session that is running is
blocked thus if someone is using the host while I am reaching it with rdp
the person is disconnected. I am looking for a solution in order to access
the screen of the running session without blocking the access for the user
that is already working there. Is there any software that could be installed
on the host in order to achieve this?

2) One of the great advantages of TeamViewer is that there are no troubles
with firewall/nat configuration. Is there anything that could be installed
on a host so that there is no need to make modifications to the nat/firewall
– like it is the case with TeamViewer?

Thanks a lot for any feedback!

Best regards, 

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