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From Nick Couchman <>
Subject Re: adding audio support for vnc connections
Date Sat, 16 Jun 2018 23:58:32 GMT
On Sat, Jun 16, 2018 at 7:30 PM robertkwild <> wrote:

> hi,
> now i have pulseaudio working on a vnc users connection
> how do i add audio for the other vnc connection users, so they all have
> audio
> atm it just works for one vnc user and not the others
> is this because pulseaudio only uses one port number?
This gets a little beyond my knowledge of PulseAudio - I think you're
probably on the right track in thinking that the single port number is the
issue - not necessarily the single port number, but the single instance of
PulseAudio on the VNC server, and the fact that PulseAudio is not "coupled"
in any way to the VNC session, means that it's hard (impossible) for
PulseAudio to know which user session should be associated with which
PulseAudio client.

There are two ways to work around this - one is to have a single user (VNC
Session, Pulse Audio Session) per VNC server so that you just avoid the
problem - you can use load balancing on the front-end to make it easy for
folks to connect, and the load balancing, either through Guacamole
(Connection Groups), HAProxy, or somethings like Amazon's Elastic Load
Balancer (ELB) would allow you to send the VNC and Pulse connections to the
same system.  With 1 VNC/Pulse session per system, you don't have to worry
about it.

The other option would be to run PulseAudio as a user process rather than a
system process, and start it up with the VNC session.  The theory would be
that you could put each user on a different PulseAudio port and have
PulseAudio start up as a user process when VNC launches their session.  In
reality, I don't know how well this would work - for one thing, you'd
either have to delay the startup on the PulseAudio client on the
client-side until PulseAudio were running on the server side (doable with
VNCViewer + PulseAudio, but harder with Guacamole), and, for another thing,
you'd have to have some way to dynamically calculate and allocate
PulseAudio ports, and communicate that over to the client such that either
the user knows which port to connect to or the client is able to determine
it automatically.  This wouldn't really work at all with Guacamole, it's
really only doable in a VNCViewer + PulseAudio setup, and, even then, it
would take a little doing to make it happen.


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