ah ok, sorry for being a bit thick,  I took Jeffreys answer to mean the full install is "the libs are ./libs, the executable is moved to the ./sbin,  the config files are in /etc/guac" and of course the war file in tomcat.
My fault as i asked where the "server" should be installed to, but i meant the server software directory,  assuming it is still required and if so is there (maybe for permissions reasons) a proscribed placement of the remaining directory
(if it's only the re-configure files maybe i can just delete it)

Mike Jumper wrote:
On Mon, Apr 30, 2018 at 4:43 PM, mdbarber <mdbuk@aol.com> wrote:
ah ok thanks for that, had assumed (due to install leaving the directory insitu) that the original tar folder was still required

thanks for that, coming from an MS background had assumed the guacd service would be centered around a specific executable

It is, but the location of that executable is not hard-coded. The location of the executable is substituted into the init script as part of the build process.

- Mike

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