On Mon, Apr 9, 2018 at 3:51 AM, Kalle Jääskeläinen <kalle.jaaskelainen@gmail.com> wrote:

I tried to search for old posts as well as Jira but could’t find a easy answer to the following.

Is it somehow possible for an admin (e.g. guacadmin who can see and kill active connections) to jump into the session and watch it real time without user first sharing the connection and sending the sharing URL?

In case of 3rd party vendor access, we would like to be able to watch the sessions without requiring user to share the connection first.

Ideally this would be a feature in the UI in Active Connections where you could select the session and have a “Watch Session” button next to “Kill Session”.


This is currently not implemented, though there have been several requests for it lately, so it seems to be gaining some popularity.  I believe there are two different JIRA issues open right now that deal with various aspects of this.