On Tue, May 8, 2018 at 3:33 PM, robertkwild <robertkwild@gmail.com> wrote:
hi all,

i have added a few connections -

windows 7 via RDP
centos 7 via VNC
centos 7 via SSH
windows 10 via RDP

my problem is i can get all to work apart from my windows 10 client, i have
entered in the details below -

hostname - given IP not dns name
port - 3389

username - robw
password - my password
domain - robw-win
security mode - tried everything now left blank as that is what my windows 7
client uses and it works

Windows 10 generally requires NLA out of the box, if you don't change the configuration.  I would make sure Security Mode is set to NLA and that you also check the "Ignore Certificate" box under that, or import the certificate into your system certificate store.