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From elvelux <>
Subject Extension not working
Date Wed, 30 May 2018 14:09:31 GMT
Hello, i´m new to guacamole and i have managed to get it working with

But I have a problem. I am trying to add an extension to run a linux script
when an user logs into guacamole.

I have followed the guacamole manual in its 22th chapter and I have got the
extension loaded into guacamole (log file says Extension "lantalde" loaded).
The extension adds an event listener, but the code inside the listener is
never run.

I´m not sure if the problem is with the code or if i´m not creating the .jar
correctly. The only way to get the extension loaded that I have find is
creatin the .har with winrar including the guac-manifest.json and the
pom.xml into it. I have tried to generate the .jar with a mvn package
command, but then guacamole does not load the plugin because the manifest is
not in the root of the .jar file.

I´m not sure if I have to put the .java class file into the .jar or into the
guacamole client source code and then compile, I have tried both with no

I suppose I am failing at something very basic because I´m new to guacamole
and Java. Can you see what is the problem? Thanks!

the files of the extension:
/package org.apache.guacamole.event;

import org.apache.guacamole.GuacamoleException;

public class LantaldeListener implements Listener {
    public void handleEvent(Object event) throws GuacamoleException {
        if (event instanceof AuthenticationSuccessEvent) {
			try { 
				Process p =
			} catch (Exception e) {


    "guacamoleVersion" : "*",
    "name" : "lantalde",
    "namespace" : "lantalde",
    "listeners" : [

/	xmlns:xsi=""



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