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From Felix Wolfheimer <>
Subject Re: Dynamic Session Creation
Date Sun, 20 May 2018 20:58:06 GMT
Hi Nick,

thanks for your answer. Yes, I was talking about VNC sessions on Linux.
 The scenario I have in mind is a cloud deployment with auto-scaling

There's one instance where guacamole is installed. This instance is
small, cheap, and runs 24/7. The applications used in the VNC sessions
require decent 3D rendering performance and, thus, I want to host them
on GPU instances. These instances are expensive and so I would like to
only spin them up when there's demand for a session. I have a mechanism
that can submit a script (which creates a VNC session) to a scheduling
system (e.g. SLURM). This scheduling system is connected with an
autoscaling mechanism, e.g., cfncluster, which starts session host
instances if there's demand. The session starts on the new instance,
and the session information is added to the guacamole_db. 
This is why I was thinking the it would be great to have a mechanism to
trigger the submission of the session creation script to the scheduling
system when a user logs in. As the start of an instance needs a moment,
I would like to have some way to inform the user about what's going on
in the background. 

As you confirmed that something like this may work, I'll look a bit
more into the Guacamole extension mechanism. 

Best regards


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