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From WebE <>
Subject Help in setting up guacamole-auth-json
Date Wed, 16 May 2018 12:15:25 GMT
I need help on setting up guacamole-auth-json for setting up authentication
and connect to RDP session which are provided in json file.

As far as I understand, the plugin allows to provide all connection
information in json file and signed using same key as defined in guacamole
properties file.

Let me know if this assumption is wrong,  I am not able get it work after
following below steps. 


 - Ubuntu 16.04 (hosted in azure)
 - Guacamole server & client 0.9.14
 - tomcat 7


1. Configure and install guacamole, configure log to debug mode

2. Create a user-mapping.xml file for testing purpose.

3. Tested that I can connect to rdp session after log in using user name and
steps provided in  step 2

4. removed user-mapping.xml (as the connection info will be provided in json

5. Build auth-json package. Placed it in /etc/guacamole/extension/. Added
json secrete key to properties file ( for generating the key which is
Content of properties file

6. restart tomcat 7, logs from tomcat7 

7. Create auth.json file with content

8. encrypt file using the script provided.

9. Posted the output as "data" variable to api/tokens

same time the log output of tomcat is

I event tried using rest client from another PC. But it failed with same
message. Kindly help me in solving this issue.

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