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From petapixel <>
Subject Re: Live Preview Dashboard
Date Mon, 14 May 2018 17:15:31 GMT
Thanks for the quick reply! I misspoke about the "live preview". The recent
connections preview is definitely enough; doesn't need to be real-time.

The goal is to generate a set of users and connections and then create a
"master" user that can access all connections previous generated. An example
would be: create 5 users, attach each user to a unique RDP connection with
sharing profiles. Finally create a user that has all connections available
and give that user a "dashboard link" that provides a "recent connections"
type of preview for all the available connections. The "preview" could be
blank or non-existent if the connection isn't being actively used. If the
connection is active, it would be nice to have a screen sharing link
generated "on-click" and opened a new tab or window. This would remove the
need for all of the unique users to manually generate the screen sharing
link and provide it to the master user.

Both features (screen sharing and preview) are currently active in
guacamole, I was thinking it would be "easy" to take those features and
combine them in a common location; grid or something similar to present a
dashboard feel.

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