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From messido <>
Subject SessionRecording video playing, but doesn't appear
Date Sun, 15 Apr 2018 20:13:39 GMT
I'm trying to create a video playback of the guacamole recording I've have
using the SessionRecording object.

I can confirm that I indeed received my file from the server as when i
console log "recording.isPlaying()" returns true and
"recording.getPosition()" is incremenetly increased..  (recording =

So my HTML looks like this 

 <div #display>
        <div class="notification-container">
          <div class="seek-notification">
              Seek in progress...
              <button id="cancel-seek">Cancel</button>

and my JS looks like this


  @ViewChild('display') display: ElementRef;
  recording: any = new Guacamole.SessionRecording(new
  recordingDisplay: any;


   try {
      this.recordingDisplay = this.recording.getDisplay();
      console.log('should be playing video by now');
this.recording.getPosition(), this.recording.isPlaying());
    } catch(err){
      console.log('error playing video', err);


What actually happens when the 'playVideo' function is called, the div
element with #display gets visibly bigger (confirmed it's the div element
with #display through the inspector debugging tool) but its completely
white.. I don't see a video.. However like I said in the beginning, every
time I call the "playVideo" function, i get the duration in MS of the video,
and the incremental value that keeps increasing and "true" due to the
console log after "should be playing video by now"... any suggestions?

SessionRecording object is instantiated successfully, confirmed through
"getDuration" (resulting in the right MS length), "isPlaying" returns true,
div element gets bigger in anticipation for video that's about to get
played, but all i get is a white screen  

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