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From c_Guac_User <>
Subject ERROR:#011Unable to connect to VNC server.
Date Thu, 12 Apr 2018 16:04:37 GMT

I've been dealing with an issue connecting the VNC server. I'm using the
guacamole-common-js to connect to my guacd docker image. RDP and ssh work
fine, the issue has been connecting with VNC. The setup is: I have my web
application get proxied through to the guacd docker image, which connects me
to the desktop. I have looked at the security restrictions about the IP to
make sure the IP isn't getting blocked and everything looks fine. The main
concern is the seg fault I received when I can't connect to the VNC server. 
guacd[1]: INFO:#011Creating new client for protocol "vnc"
guacd[1]: INFO:#011Connection ID is "$dccb53b2-def9-4418-b445-68981530ccf3"
guacd[62]: INFO:#011Cursor rendering: local
connection "$dccb53b2-def9-4418-b445-68981530ccf3" (1 users now present)
guacd[62]: ERROR:#011Unable to connect to VNC server.
guacd: guacd[1]: INFO:#011Connection "$dccb53b2-def9-4418-b445-68981530ccf3"
guacd[23950]: segfault at 10 ip XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX sp 00007f0a84800c10 error 4

I first encountered this error with guacd:0.9.14 docker image,
guacamole-common-js: 0.9.14 and guacamole-common (java client) 0.9.14, I
also encountered it with 0.9.13-incubating as well as 0.9.10-incubating. My
question is, is there a solution to this issue or something I have missed in
my setup?

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