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From James Fraser <>
Subject Azure AD and Guacamole
Date Mon, 05 Mar 2018 22:04:49 GMT
Hi All

I am running the latest version of Guacamole behind NGINX and using OAUTH2 proxy for Nginx
authentication + LDAP Auth for Guacamole.
The setup has been working really well.

We utilise Guacamole for accessing servers on private IP addresses in Azure (No public IP
on the VM's) and the solution is excellent.

We also run a Guacamole server for remote access inside the office, this had been working
great also except now we are transitioning from having machines on a regular windows domain
and moving to Azure AD.
This is where I have begun to have issues, I have been unable to get Azure AD (workplace connect)
devices to accept RDP via guacamole.

Using windows rdp I am able to remote to these machines using<>
Domain password

With Guacamole it is not working correctly and I am unsure how to diagnose exactly, I have
tried many different username types, also storing the username and password in the MYSQL DB
instead of passing LDAP credentials and still unable to get it working.

Has any one had experience with this?

James Fraser * Microsoft Systems Engineer

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