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From Nick Couchman <>
Subject Re: Getting ERROR : Network too slow
Date Mon, 12 Mar 2018 14:47:38 GMT
On Mon, Mar 12, 2018 at 4:45 AM, Amarjeet Singh <>

> Thanks Mike. I appreciate that.
> I can't speak to why your RDP server is not responding within the ~15
>> seconds that Guacamole waits for connections to be established. If the
>> server was just started, it likely simply isn't ready to accept RDP
>> connections at the time the attempt was made.
> How can we make sure that RDP server isn't ready to accept RDP connections
> ?
> This is not only happening if server was just started but if user connects
> once and again try to reconnect after an hour ( any time ...)

You're going to need to dig in and do some analysis and debugging.  If I
were trying to track down the issue, I would look at the following things:

- Make sure you're using the "released" Guacamole version, or, at the very
least, a clean copy from the Git repos.  Since this issue you're
encountering is not being widely reporting by other users of Guacamole,
it's probably something in your environment causing it - perhaps triggering
a bug in guacd, but, more likely, some other factor between guacd and the
RDP host.  I know you've made a handful of changes to the Guacamole code
for you environment - eliminate those changes as the cause of the problem
by using the same code that other people are using.

- Examine the network between guacd and the RDP hosts.  Is it physically
adjacent/close to the hosts (same building, data center, rack, etc.), is it
remote, what are the characteristics of the link between guacd and the RDP
servers, what is the load on that link (or those links, if multiple ones
are involved), etc.?  Do not assume anything about these links - test them
thoroughly for bandwidth/throughput and latency, monitor them during
connections, etc.  There are many, many tools available for this, and many
free ones, at that, so find the tools for testing and monitoring network
performance and use them.

- On both the guacd host and the RDP host, make sure that resources are
adequate such that the system is not experiencing problems getting CPU time
or memory for the necessary processes.  If load on either the guacd host or
the RDP host, or both, causes too much slowness, this could result in the
error you're seeing.  Again, do not assume that they are okay - use at
least the standard monitoring tools and record or watch performance of all
of the various resources during the problem and make sure that the process
or system is not contending for resources.

- Using tcpdump, watch the traffic between the system running guacd and the
RDP host you're trying to attach to.  Look for any signs of network
problems - invalid TCP checksums, TCP retransmissions, duplicate packets
(indicating the same IP assigned to multiple hosts, or a network loop or
routing issue), etc.  If you see network issues, try to determine the
source and cause of the issue, and eliminate one thing at a time.  Fix an
issue, then test, again.

- Simplify the environment and test, and gradually build up.  Start with a
single client, single Guacamole instance, and single RDP server.  If you
experience problems in the simplest of environments, troubleshoot the
environment - do not assume that guacd is broken, use standard techniques
to figure out where the problem is.  Once you've verified the simple
environment works, build up from there, growing and changing things until
you encounter the problem, again, and then back up and undo the last change.


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