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From ggagnon <>
Subject Re: In-Context Launch and Caching
Date Fri, 23 Mar 2018 14:26:49 GMT
Thanks for the info.
I don't think the logout will work for me as I have to hide all general
aspects of Guacamole (no home page, etc... ) to get the launch-in context.
I have put a trace in the shutdown() method but I'm not seeing it being
called (probably a side effect of the previous).
I'm happy to hear of the periodic clean up, I think/hope that will settle my

Had to play some interesting games (comparing the new request to the
existing configuration of the user) to avoid re-authenticating uselessly as
updateAuthenticatedUser is called more often than expected but I think I
have it working now so I can serve a new authorization every time a new
target is invoked (within the same session or not).

My next challenge now is to figure out a way to display a proper error
message when the authorization fails (there is no cascading to other
authorization plugin and none will do).  Right now, all I get is a blank


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