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From messido <>
Subject 404 when trying to import all.min.js using HTTPS (NGINX)
Date Fri, 23 Mar 2018 12:32:56 GMT
Keeping it short, when I was developing locally and serving .war file over
tomcat (without the use of nginx) the all.min.js file was being imported
properly and I could connect to session over the Guacamole tunnel no
problem. However, now that I setup a remote server and added nginx (with SSL
certificate, making the connection https) I get `GET
https://<MyDomainName>/resources/all.min.js net::ERR_ABORTED` which is
pretty much a 404... 

I'm developing my own front end, and I haven't changed the directory
locations (webapp/resources and webapp/ng) from when I was developing
locally and connecting through tomcat to when I moved to deploying it on my
server with NGINX and SSL...

Am i supposed to be editing the "server { .... }" brackets inside my nginx
configurations to enable access to the all.min.js file? even though it
should be getting packaged inside the .war file? Or am I supposed to be
importing the file differently?

the "webapp" directory that gets packaged by maven looks like this

      -(a bunch of other bundle.js files for my front end that don't throw
      -(my front end files)

and I'm importing the `resources/all.min.js` inside my front-end's main
index.html by typing 

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