Hello Ferron. I've got 0.9.14 running with LDAP authentication. I've actually used an identical config since 0.9.12 without any problems. Here's the LDAP section of my guacamole.properties file:

ldap-hostname: ads-001.swiftlab.local

ldap-port: 389

ldap-max-search-results: 3000

ldap-search-bind-dn: CN=administrator,CN=Users,dc=swiftlab,dc=local

ldap-search-bind-password: password

ldap-username-attribute: sAMAccountName

ldap-user-base-dn: CN=Users,DC=swiftlab,DC=local

ldap-group-base-dn: CN=Users,DC=swiftlab,DC=local

I also noticed that your running LDAP on port 3268. That's not the port that LDAP usually runs on, did you double check that your LDAP server is really running on port 3268?


On Fri, Feb 2, 2018 at 5:25 AM, Ferron Nijland - Switch IT Solutions <f.nijland@switch.nl> wrote:

Hello Everyone,


I’ve installed a new installation of Guacamole 9.14.

I can access the GUI and login with sql authentication.

Now I’ve added LDAP authentication, but it doesn’t seem to work.

The guacd service starts without problems, so I’ve no idea where to look.


My guacamole.properties in /etc/guacamole contains is like:


# Hostname and port of guacamole proxy

guacd-hostname: localhost

guacd-port:     4822


# Location to read extra .jar's from

lib-directory:  /etc/guacamole/lib


# Authentication provider class

#auth-provider: net.sourceforge.guacamole.net.basic.BasicFileAuthenticationProvider


auth-provider: net.sourceforge.guacamole.net.auth.ldap.LDAPAuthenticationProvider


#LDAP Properties


ldap-port: 3268

ldap-user-base-dn: DC=domain,DC=local

ldap-search-bind-dn: CN=sa_ ldap_guac,OU=Service Accounts,DC=domain,DC=local

ldap-search-bind-password: password

ldap-username-attribute: sAMAccountName


# Properties used by BasicFileAuthenticationProvider

basic-user-mapping: /etc/guacamole/user-mapping.xml


# MySQL properties

mysql-hostname: localhost

mysql-port: 3306

mysql-database: guacamole_db

mysql-username: guacamole_user

mysql-password: mypassword


Met vriendelijke groet,

Ferron Nijland