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From Nick Couchman <>
Subject Re: New user, Debian HowTo, some suggestions
Date Thu, 01 Feb 2018 21:24:08 GMT
On Thu, Feb 1, 2018 at 3:36 PM, Fabián Rodríguez <>

> Hello,
> Many thanks for this software, it's proving very useful and I am happy I
> was able to replace other similar proprietary software in a particular
> situation I was dealing with.
> I'd like to suggest some improvements, I preferred no to use the bug
> tracker yet for this. Here is my short list:

Yeah, but if you have requests for improvements, they should go into JIRA.

>    - In Settings > Users > $USER > Permissions, I'd like to be able to
>    set two extra permissions:
>    - access sessions History tab
>       - access Active Sessions tab
> Can you explain why you think it is useful to have these as separate
permissions?  I guess I can see this for auditing, perhaps, if you want
users that have the ability to only audit connections and connection
history, but I'm curious what your use-case is.

>    - When using the filter to find connections, I'd like to see which
>    Group they belong to (if any). Sometimes I have connections with the same
>    name in different groups, the current filtering results don't show group
>    membership
That's because the idea of "groups" is not implemented at all in Guacamole
right now.  There is a current JIRA issue, already, for adding groups to
Guacamole.  See:

>    - Timezone for each user should be the same as the server's by default
>    (or have an option to use the same as the server's)
>    - When clicking on a group checkbox, the selection should also include
>    all members of the group, either checking or unchecking all boxes. I have
>    some large groups (40+ connections) and it would be faster to be able to
>    include/exclude all connections in any given group.
> This also already has a JIRA issue - I'm not sure that I agree that
checking a top-level box should result in all children being checked -
there are situations where you want to, for example, assign permissions to
a user to access a connection group (load-balanced, maybe) but not give
them any access to the underlying connections.  I do agree that there needs
to be a way to select all children more easily than you can right now.  See:

>    - Selecting a connection in a group is not enough to give access, the
>    group also needs to be checked which is not obvious (perhaps it should be
>    automatic)
> This depends on what you're trying to do, but see the point above.  This
behavior is intentional.

> My recent setup of Guacamole on a Debian server wasn't easy as the
> packages are outdated and some manual configuration was required.
> I've shared my notes for Debian server installation here if anyone is
> interested:

Cool :-).


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