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From Aaron Newsome <>
Subject Adding timestamp to screen recording filename
Date Tue, 20 Feb 2018 22:08:06 GMT
Hi guys. Anyone who has seen my previous emails to the list can probably
see that I'm a bit obsessed with screen recordings. I record a lot of
screen captured video with voice over for my day job and Guacamole has made
this so much easier than using dedicated screen capture programs.

I've noticed the following behavior with regard to the filename of screen

* First screen recording uses the name of the connection as the filename of
the recording

* Second screen recording uses the name of the connection with a  .1

* 2-255 screen recordings use the name of the connection with the number

* When the number of files get to 255, screen recording just stops. No new
files get created

I'd like to change the behavior a bit, if possible. What I'd really like to
see is a way to specify that a timestamp be embedded as part of the
filename, preferably at the end of the filename, instead of the 1-255

If the field in the connection setup for the filename of the recording
would allow a variable that represents the current timestamp, that would
work perfectly.

I know it's possible to move the file to a new name after recording, but a
much simpler solution would be to have the timestamp as part of the
filename initially.

Is this a feature that can be added or is this something I can do myself by
modifying the code? I'm not much of a programmer so I wouldn't even know
where to start with this.

Thanks, Aaron

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