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From amlamarra <>
Subject Re: Prevent VNC display from stretching?
Date Fri, 23 Feb 2018 15:14:16 GMT
Thanks for the help, Jeff! I modified three lines, the two scale ratios (I
changed to 0.01) and the "autoFit : true," line I changed to "autoFit :
false,". The scale ratio now adjusts by 1% at a time, as expected. However,
it looks like the window is still "autoFitting". Previously, I had set the
geometry of the VNC server to be close to my browser window. When I launch
the VNC session, it's at 101%. I can zoom in past 101% but I can't zoom out
below that, not without unmaximizing the window. When I make the browser
window smaller, I can zoom out to until it fits the window. It seems
Guacamole doesn't want to shrink the VNC display to less than the browser
window and add a black border around the top & bottom (like it does for the
left & right). Are there other values in that guacamole.js file that I
should be looking at? I'm no web developer so I had to do a bunch of google
searching just to figure out how to extract the .war file and re-minify the
js file.

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