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From Alex Fadeev <>
Subject Inifinite loop in IE of clipboard check.
Date Mon, 05 Feb 2018 14:59:33 GMT
Hello guys,

Just faced with the next issue: in IE (for other browsers everything is ok)
for some reason a java script enters to the infinite loop just after the
connection is established.

/$window.addEventListener('focus', function focusGained(e) {
        // Only recheck clipboard if it's the window itself that gained
        if ( === $window)

    }, true);/

It goes to the function:

service.getLocalClipboard = function getLocalClipboard() {
   $window.setTimeout(function deferredClipboardRead() {
             // Clean up event listener and selection once the paste attempt
            // completed
            deferred.promise['finally'](function cleanupReadAttempt() {

                // Do not use future changes in focus
                clipboardContent.removeEventListener('focus', performPaste);

                // Unfocus the clipboard DOM event to avoid mobile keyboard
                // restoring whichever element was originally focused
*                clipboardContent.blur();

                // No read is pending any longer
                pendingRead = null;


            // Ensure clipboard element is blurred (and that the "focus"
            // will fire)
            clipboardContent.addEventListener('focus', performPaste);

The 'focus' callback is called all the time. If I remove '.focus()' and
'.blur' calls (in bold), then there is no loop, but clipboard stops working 
Also if I do some kind of 'reconnect', then loop disappears as well.

*There is also "Programmatic clipboard acces" should be "Allowed" or

I am just wondering may be somebody have the same issue.

P.S. Actually the problem that it takes focus all the time from the fields
in my custom form.

Thank you for answer in advance 

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