for 0.9.14 i see changes to GUACAMOLE_HOME as per GUACAMOLE-335

what happens in the case of an upgrade from .9.13 to .9.14 when,

 .guacamole exists in the tomcat folder , example, /usr/share/tomcat7/.guacamole/  .
which holds /extensions and /lib but whre the guacamole.proterties file is symlinked to /etc/guacamole/guacamole.properties

it seems in this system  the GUACAMOLE_HOME would really be  /usr/share/tomcat7/.guacamole/ , but after the upgrade it would assume /etc/guacamole , since it exists.

Funny enough the Docs , at least for me, confusingly say the same
"Creating a directory named .guacamole, within the home directory of the user running the servlet container. This directory will automatically be used for GUACAMOLE_HOME if it exists. "
which I , in .14, took to mean 'home directory' would be like /home/USER... , but as it was the same in the older .13 it seems to mean the folder, like where tomcat would be installed.

so, would an upgrade in this case break the system? In retrospect now I think it should be ok right?