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From Nick Couchman <>
Subject Re: LDAP Guacamole 0.9.14
Date Fri, 26 Jan 2018 15:13:59 GMT
> I've rebooted whole server to make sure all services is restarted.
> Maybe I've wrong installed LDAP extension ? I do not
> I've only copied jars to extension folder:
> /etc/guacamole/extensions
> guacamole-auth-jdbc-mysql-0.9.9.jar
> guacamole-auth-ldap-0.9.9.jar
> /etc/guacamole/lib
> mysql-connector-java-5.1.45-bin.jar
> What more should I do ?
> My catalina.out file:
Okay, now I'm confused.  Are you using version 0.9.9 or version 0.9.14?
They're not generally compatible, so you need to pick one version and stick
with it - I'd recommend 0.9.14.  Make sure the version of the guacamole.war
you're deploying matches the extensions.

> Yes, Im not programmer and don't knwo how to specify/store RDP connections
> in MySQL.
> FOllowed
> thread/b66cf159/?limit=25
> BTW: there is nothing about
> # Auth provider class
> in file.
> What auth-provider: net.sourceforge. should i write ? Or its obsolete line
> ?
You seem to be using very old versions and documentation.  First, you don't
need to be a programmer - there is a very nice administrative GUI for
managing the JDBC extension that lets you create the connections inside the
database from a Web UI.  Second, the auth-provider property has been gone
from Guacamole for quite some time.

Please make sure you're referencing the most recent documentation (and
using the most recent versions):

The manual, at that location, has configuration instructions for LDAP and
JDBC, including how to integrate the two.


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