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From Amarjeet Singh <>
Subject Seamless Clipboard Redirection from Local to Remote Desktop
Date Fri, 12 Jan 2018 14:25:39 GMT
Hi Team,

This is an important feature as users do  forget Ctrl+Shift+Alt  together
to open the Menu and paste the data on the clipboard menu and then paste
again on the Remote desktop.

*My Suggestions are as follows :- *

1. After more debugging I have noticed that these functions take lot of
time to process if buffer size if large ( copying or pasting large amount
of data ).

*__encode_utf8 *
*__append_utf8 *
*array_writer.sendData(__encode_utf8(text)); *
   4. *__decode_utf8*

2. There are many function in Guacamole Javascript which are independent of
user interface elements, such as the DOM and common JS functions like
getElementById where we can use Webworker to improve the performance of

3. On Paste event we can get the data from the Local Clipboard and send it
to the Remote Server so that Remote server also synced with the Local
Server == And then send the Ctrl + V keys to paste the CLipboard data.

4. On Copy event We are getting the data from the remote Clipboard and same
we can send it the Local Clipboard using the Copy event to make both the
local and remote clipboard synced.

5. Main task is to sync the Local and remote Clipboard before copying and
pasting data.

*My Queries  are as follows :- *

3. Can't we send plain data so that we don't have to decode or encode the
data in Clipboard scenario as it can increase the performance ?

4. Can't we make a ajax request to get the plain data which is sent by
remote server { on copy event }. We can save the data in guacamole server
when we receive data from remote server and on copy event fire an ajax
request ).

I had already done few change in the JavaScript code to make it work.
It is *working
in Chrome* only. Microsoft Edge hangs and IE ( issues while updating the
local clipboard ).

If anyone has any suggestions, Please share in this thread.

Thanks and Regards,

Amarjeet Singh

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