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From Alex Fadeev <>
Subject Re: Virtual Channel callback onpipe doesn't work on IE11
Date Thu, 18 Jan 2018 10:01:41 GMT
The reason was that 'guac_client.onpipe' check (in Client.js) appears before
my onpipe declaration.

There are two event listeners

/$window.addEventListener('load',  checkClipboard, true);
$window.addEventListener('focus', function focusGained(e) {
        // Only recheck clipboard if it's the window itself that gained
        if ( === $window)

    }, true);/

In IE11 two MessageBoxes appear: first on 'load' event (before my 'onpipe'
declaration), the second on 'focus' event (before 'onpipe' check in
Client.js). So second MessageBox overlapped the first one, so the user
closes it first ('onpipe' check passes) and only then user closes the first
one ('onpipe' declaration succeeded, but it is too late).
For my application I removed the event
/$window.addEventListener('load',  checkClipboard, true);
In any case 'checkClipboard' is called on 'focus' event

I am testing it now...

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