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From fadeev <>
Subject Re: Virtual Channel callback onpipe doesn't work on IE11
Date Mon, 15 Jan 2018 16:03:22 GMT
Hi Mike,

Thank you for your answer. 

I created an application on server side that send some data to my virtual
channel and it works (for Firefox and Chrome). But when I began test on IE
there were problems.

But I can't localize it for some reason. I noticed some dependency with
clipboard (see my previous post), but now I am not sure. Sometimes it works,
sometimes - not. So I am confused now where to search the problem.

/>have you confirmed that the "pipe" instruction is actually being sent/
I put a breakpoint to the function:
/"pipe": function(parameters) {
And it is not called in these cases and no any opcode "pipe" as well (I
added more logs to js part).

In guacd logs (event viewer on server part) also nothing special:
/>guacd: PID 828: Created static channel "MyChannel".../
/>guacd: PID 3660: Failed to load drdynvc plugin. Display update and audio
input support will be disabled/   (this warning always appears for all

I also successfully logged received data in guac_svc plugin (method
guac_svc_process_receive), but no any callback on js side.

Hmmm ... what else I can log or check?

Thank you.

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