JIRA GUACAMOLE-463 created, changes committed and pull request done

Hope all is ok :)

2017-12-11 0:21 GMT+01:00 Mike Jumper <>:
On Sun, Dec 10, 2017 at 10:15 AM, David Rodriguez <> wrote:
It seems that something was not working properly in my Firefox as even delete cache etc it still appearing in English, but just checked in Chrome and it is translated, hehe.
Just tried in Firefox again and it installed an update and after that it appeared in Spanish as well, so X Files :)

So good now. Pls let me now if you need any other stuff apart of the 2 files I sent in the previous email

To contribute your translations upstream, please:

1) Create an issue in JIRA to track your changes and their high-level purpose
2) Open a pull request with your changes against the apache/guacamole-client repository:

We can then review your changes and, when ready, merge.


- Mike