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From Der PCFreak <>
Subject Re: Interesting combination of Guacamole and ZeroTier
Date Tue, 19 Dec 2017 22:15:13 GMT
That would be a great combo and imho easy to implement. I could imagine 
to see a zerotier configuration dialog inside guacamole (for easy setup) 
and a more advanced setup via config files maybe even a 
zerotier-controller is possible (since it is included in ZeroTier >1.2x 
afaik). This DIY controller can only be configured via JSON API but then 
a guacamole server could become a full featured zerotier controller 
without the need of opening ports in firewalls and you have the 
additional security of only users within your personal ZeroTier network 
can reach your guacamole server.

Maybe a developer could pick up that idea?

Cheers Peter

Am 16.11.2017 um 19:31 schrieb Chris Stave:
> I've been running a combination of Guacamole and ZeroTier and it has 
> been fantastic for remote access.
> You already know Guacamole -- it's fantastic and you know you like it.
> ZeroTier is a secure flat network SDN solution -- it puts devices on a 
> second private network no matter where they are -- on a phone, in 
> another office, at home -- wherever.
> If you put ZeroTier on your Guacamole server, it will get an 
> additional address that is reachable from other ZeroTier clients.
> Contractor needs remote access?  Have them install zerotier and then 
> they can get to the Guacamole server and then out to everything.
> The bonus is that you don't need to open anything up to the 
> wild-wild-internet world, it all stays 
> believably-crytographically-safe on the ZeroTier network.
> (and it lets me SSH into network switches from my phone from anywhere, 
> which is fantastic)
> I'm not associated with ZeroTier, but I'm happy to pass on the idea of 
> this great combination!
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