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From Mike Jumper <>
Subject Re: showing an error message to the end user
Date Wed, 13 Dec 2017 08:24:02 GMT

With respect to displaying error messages as a result of exceptions during
auth, Guacamole only handles that during the authentication process which
follows a failed authentication (otherwise, users would receive "Invalid
login" errors upon visiting Guacamole for the first time). That said, you
may still be able to achieve what you're looking for with a different

Guacamole provides for arbitrary prompting for credentials via
GuacamoleInvalidCredentialsException, with the nature of those credentials
dictated via a field type. This is how the Duo authentication works, for
example - by defining custom credentials (the signed response from the Duo
service) associated with a custom field type (a JavaScript prompt embedding
the Duo verification code). If the credentials in your case are some
arbitrary parameter, and the action the user needs to take to correct their
incorrect credentials is a manual action, I suggest:

1) Explicitly defining your arbitrary parameter within the
GuacamoleInvalidCredentialsException thrown
2) Leveraging custom field types for the requested credentials to prompt
the user to correct the problem (warn that the link is outdated, direct the
user to return to the main site, etc.)

That should achieve what you're looking for, albeit with some gymnastics
with the auth process semantics.


- Mike

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