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From Mike Jumper <>
Subject Re: Interesting combination of Guacamole and ZeroTier
Date Wed, 20 Dec 2017 07:36:58 GMT
On Tue, Dec 19, 2017 at 4:13 PM, brian mullan <>

> I'm not sure what the advantages of integrating ZeroTier & Guacamole might
> be?
> Speaking from a networking perspective (I am CCIE # 1143)..   you can
> already implement Guacamole with NGINX etc and a Certificate from the likes
> of LetsEncrypt to have HTTPS encrypted connection to the Guacamole Server
> and RDP is encrypted to the end-server whether that is Windows or XRDP on
> Linux.
> ZeroTier would give you a Layer 2 or Layer 3 VPN capability but what
> exactly would you need that for in regards to remote desktop capability
> unless it was for other personal or enterprise purposes besides the remote
> desktop use?
> Just curious.

I would also like clarification on these points. I'm trying to give this
thread the benefit of the doubt, but it has an uncomfortably spammy feel,
and I don't currently see the relevance to Guacamole.

I'll be happy to stand corrected if anyone can describe why such a thing
would be an improvement over straight Guacamole, but until then I rather
feel like I'm being marketed at. The justification that it provides
additional security seems strained given that (1) you can achieve the same
with a reverse proxy and (2) requiring a VPN client to use Guacamole would
neuter the ability to connect with a browser alone.

- Mike

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