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From Mike Jumper <>
Subject Re: Authentication issue after build client war file
Date Tue, 05 Dec 2017 07:17:26 GMT
On Mon, Dec 4, 2017 at 7:48 AM, David Rodriguez <> wrote:

> Hi there,
> Any clue why I still unable to see the Spanish keyboard layout after
> follow the steps mentioned before?
The contents of the keyboard layout field within the connection parameters
in the admin UI are determined by the "rdp.json" file which you edited.
Assuming that the edit was correct (you didn't accidentally produce invalid
JSON), that should be all you need for the choice to be made available. You
don't even technically need to add the translation - it will appear as a
huge uppercase machine-readable string, but will still be a choice.

If the choice is not available at all, then the only possibility is that
the version of Guacamole deployed was not built against the guacamole-ext
that you modified. This could be because:

1) Tomcat did not actually redeploy Guacamole when you copied the new
guacamole.war over (you may need to clear the working directory containing
the exploded contents of the .war and restart Tomcat to force Tomcat to
re-extract and redeploy)
2) You did not copy the new guacamole.war over
3) The "guacamole" project within guacamole-client was not rebuilt against
the "guacamole-ext" containing your modifications

If nothing is working in your attempts to resolve this, I would suggest:

1) Doing a full "mvn clean install" from the root of the "guacamole-client"
source directory. This will rebuild absolutely everything, and will ensure
guacamole is built against your modified guacamole-ext.
2) Stop Tomcat
3) Remove the existing guacamole.war and associated guacamole/ directory
(automatically created by Tomcat upon deployment)
4) Copy guacamole/target/guacamole*.war in place
5) Start Tomcat
6) Verify that Tomcat automatically extracted the .war

At that point, assuming your changes are indeed present on the source tree
you built, the choice should now be available.

Looking back at GUACAMOLE-233, though ... this shouldn't be necessary. The
keymap was added at the guacamole-server level, and should also have been
added to guacamole-client. I've reopened the issue in JIRA, as this was
definitely an oversight.

- Mike

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