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From Jonathan Hunter <>
Subject Re: guacamole admin utility
Date Sun, 31 Dec 2017 14:39:36 GMT
Hi Both,

For what it's worth, I would also find this kind of functionality extremely

I am not a skilled Java or web developer, but am using Guacamole in
conjunction with HTTP authentication and an LDAP authentication back-end to
allow users to connect to VMs. In my use case, one of the VM connections
has its logon credentials stored in guacamole, such that any user with
sufficient permission to access this connection will be logged into the VM
with a specific username/password, as the application being accessed needs
to be run in a specific way.

But, if user A connects and starts to use the application, and then later
on user B uses the same connection, this new 'user B' connection will
disconnect the 'user A' session. So, I would like to make a status page
available so that people can see if there is an active connection at the
moment. Given my web coding skills, something like this proposed CLI would
be much more within my reach, than having to create something in HTML/JS.
Yes, this information is available in the Guacamole settings screen, but
that is only available for administrators and isn't obvious for a user who
is unfamiliar with Guacamole concepts.

I would also dearly love to be able to use something like nagios or cacti
to monitor active connections, etc.

(Not on this exact same topic.. but if there was a way of having a shared
connection by default, so that user A and user B could both view the same
RDP/VNC/etc. display at the same time.. then that would be even better for
me. But, that is another topic of conversation, I think)



On 31 December 2017 at 10:24, Michael Niehren <> wrote:

> Hi Nick,
> my intention was to administrate guacamole without using the client
> interface. With an console utility you can do much more things like
> - monitoring the usage in realtime (Nagios)
> - automatically kill a session running longer than x minutes ...
> - showing the current login's in another application
> - ...
> you are more flexible to implement such things, with such an console
> program.
> best regards,
>   Michael
> Am 30.12.2017 um 23:04 schrieb Nick Couchman:
> On Thu, Dec 21, 2017 at 7:00 PM, Michael Niehren <>
> wrote:
>> Hi together,
>> first of all, many thank's for guacamole. I've successfully setup it
>> together with jetty.
>> I would like to have something like an admin utility, which runs in
>> an linux shell, where i can can control the guacd.
>> For example:
>> - get_active_sessions
>> - kill session
>> - history of sessions
> Michael,
> This is an interesting idea, but I have a couple of questions:
> - Most of this functionality is already available in the Guacamole Client
> interface, if you're using that (instead of a custom-built one on top of
> the Guacamole API).  I believe you need to be using the JDBC authentication
> module, as you have to be able to define administrative users, but the
> Settings menu area provides the Active Connections tab, which shows current
> sessions and allows you to kill existing ones, and then the history tab,
> which shows past sessions.  This seems to cover your list of items.
> - You asked about this functionality as it relates to guacd, but I'm not
> sure why you're trying to get this functionality at the guacd level instead
> of the Guacamole Client (or API) level?  Doing it at the guacd level is
> certainly something that could be implemented; however, it seems like the
> value would be limited, as identifiers for sessions in guacd are just
> UUIDs, which makes it difficult to attribute sessions to certain users or
> connections.  Also, if you can track and kill the sessions on the Guacamole
> Client (servlet) side, why do you need to do it for the guacd componenet?
> -Nick
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