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Subject Re: SSH handshake failed: only RSA keys possible?
Date Sun, 24 Dec 2017 03:41:54 GMT
It appears that libssh2 includes the aes256-cbc key exchange method supported
by pfSense, so I modded the ssh.c code and let it compile during
installation using hanaciamiento's guacamole install script
(, but guacamole
won't load at all afterwards.

Here's the code and where I inserted it in ssh.c in the
guac_common_ssh_create_session function:

    /* Open SSH session */
	// existing code
	/* added preferred method for key exchange method supported by pfSense */
	int returnval = libssh2_session_method_pref(session,
LIBSSH2_METHOD_CRYPT_CS, "aes256-cbc");
    if (returnval != 0) {
        guac_client_abort(client, GUAC_PROTOCOL_STATUS_SERVER_ERROR,
                "Setting session preferred key exchange method to AES256-CBC
        return NULL;
    /* Perform handshake */
	// existing code
Anyone want to comment on this approach or try to get it working?


Jay L 

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